General Housekeepers


A housekeeper is a domestic service professional who helps a home owner with the management  of duties and chores involved in the management of a household. These duties include cleaning, cooking, shopping, home maintenance. 

Elderly Companion Housekeeper


Elderly companion housekeeper are there to help an elderly or disabled person or someone in recovery. An elderly companion will provide companionship as well as emotional support and run general errands around the household.

Nanny Housekeeper


A nanny-housekeeper takes charge of household duties related to the children's wellbeing. They can also carry out general household duties outside of the children's domain. This type of help is excellent for parents who are either at home and want the flexibility of someone around them or for people with flexible working hours such as business owners. 

Why we exist


Help on Call Nigeria is a one stop platform for your domestic assistance needs. We aim to be your provider of choice when it comes to securing short term domestic assistance.

Help on Call Nigeria was borne out of numerous bad experiences with unreliable and untrustworthy domestic help for myself and for my elderly parents. 

Whilst we all need help at different points in our lives to manage the demands of everyday life, it can be a stressful experience finding and retaining this help. This is where Help on Call Nigeria steps in to help.


We help you find the right help at the right time and manage the whole process of engagement making sure we understand your need, search through our pool of housekeepers to find the right person to meet your need and ensure they do what you have retained them to deliver. 

We agree the payment and make sure that all you have to concern yourself with is calling for help.

We make it easy to get the right help.

To find out more, contact us.